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Thursday, 1 April 2021




Polikim was established in 2004 to supply chemical raw materials required for industry and serves to textile, leather, metal, detergent, construction, disinfectant and plastic sectors. Besides introducing new products and the products developped by ourselves; our philosophy is to respond to all products and service requirement of our customers. To achieve this, we are always working together with our suppliers and customers. Polikim, making transferring the research and innovation, will continue to work as customer focused and be an important transition point in the progression of many companies.

Polikim - Chemicals Turkey Products:

  • Chemical Raw Materials
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Textile Chemicals 
  • Leather Chemicals
  • Metal Chemicals 
  • Detergent Chemicals
  • Waste Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Construction Chemicals
  • Disinfectant Chemicals

Cosmetic Chemicals Turkey Plastic Chemicals Turkey Leather Dyes Turkey Textile Dyes Turkey Enzymes Turkey Anti-peroxide Turkey Anti-pilling Turkey Desizing Turkey Antifoaming Agents Turkey Alkane Sulphonate Turkey Flake Softener Turkey Nonionic Turkey Cationic Turkey Polyacrylate Turkey Polyacrylic Acid Turkey Anti-wrinkle Turkey Benzalkonium Chloride Turkey Reactive Dye Turkey Disperse Dye Turkey Anti-wrinkle Finishing Turkey Agent Based Gloxial Resin Turkey Emulsifier Of Wax Turkey Pe Wax Emulsion Turkey Optical Brightener Turkey Napthalane Sulphonate Turkey Fixing Agent Without Formaldehyde Turkey Sodium Glucoheptanate Turkey Phosphate Esterification Turkey Peg 400 Oleate Turkey Dioctyl Sulphosuccinate Turkey Biocide Turkey Poly Aluminium Chloride Turkey Antifoaming Agent Turkey Concentrated Release Agent Oil Turkey Release Agent Emulsifier Turkey Corrosion Inhibitor Turkey Petroleum Sulphonate Turkey Emulsifier Of Bor Oil Turkey Diesel Fuel Additive  Turkey Anti-freezing Agent Turkey Anti-icing Agent Turkey Lime Removal Agent Turkey Sequestering Agent Turkey Pickling Paste and Spray Turkey 2 Ethyl Hexanoic Acid Turkey Antibacterial Agent  Turkey Silver Ion Based Turkey Released Agent Turkey Flame Retardent  Turkey halogen Free Turkey Emulsifier Turkey Isopropyl Myristat  Turkey IPM Turkey Emulsifier Tco Turkey Direct Dye Turkey Acid Dye Turkey Tolytriazole Turkey Benzotriazole Turkey Polyelectrolyte Turkey Biocide   Turkey Cmit Turkey Mit Turkey Ionpure Turkey Aversion Turkey Polide-ice Turkey Abravert M Turkey Turox Turkey Polikim Ka Turkey