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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Turkish Chemical Manufacturers 04

textile chemicals, textile dyes, bleaching materials, dyeing agents, cleaning agents, finishing supplies, reducing substances, enzymes, optics, direct dyes, binders, home chemicals, oil-based anti-fracture, sequestering, combined bleaching agent, organic stabilizer, wetting receiver, bleaching agents, anti-static yarn oil transfer, polypropylene yarn oil, levelling agents, nylon paint, ion holder, cellulosic fiber polyester, sizing removers, paint solvent, defoamer concentrate, fixators
Oil, petrol car, road bitumen, asphalt roofing, asphalt construction, diesel, kerosene KT-1, jet fuel RT-1, fuel oil, heating oil, petrochemicals, polymers, orgsintez products, chemicals, chemical products, absorbent, ethylcellsolve, neonol, ethylene glycol, linseed oil, flotoreagent, resin KORE, CORB, petroleum resin, ethylcarbitol, polyethylene, polystyrene
paint, paint products, paint supplies, powder coating booths, paint facilities, elsisan, elsisan paint facilities and equipment
جميع أنواع الطلاء الخاص بالموبيليا (السيللوزي -الأكريليك-البولي يوريتان-البولييستر-والصناعي)كما نقوم بتصنيع البولييستر بأنواعه الليفي والصب والأكريليكي
fatty alcohol, aliphatic alcohol, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, capric alcohol, stearyl-cetyl alcohol, cetyl-stearyl alcohol, lauryl-myristyl alcohol, Cyanuramide , Cynuric triamide, Melamine, cyanurotriamide, cyanurotriamine, caprylamine, octylamine, octanamine, caprylylamine, glycerine, glycerin, glycerol
pigment pasta, pigment paste, pigment dispersions, pigment preparations
plating, protective cover, techseal, sealer, zinc flake, electrostatic paint, fastener plating, bolt plating, nuts plating, screw plating, iron rod plating, door locks plating, galvanized plating, anti-corosion plating, anti corosion covering, metal plating, banding abrasives process, deburring process, deflashing process, deburring and polishing, deflashing and polishing, zinc plating facilities, zinc flake process, electrophoretic plating, electrochemistry process, electrolytic plating