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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Turkish Chemical Manufacturers 03

dishes,gel detergent, liquid bleach, softener, powder detergent, soda matic, rust remover, matic detergent, grease remover, rust remover, hydroclaric acid, oxi remove the stain, drain opener, liquid hand cleaner,cream detergent, glass cleaner, mechanical cleaner, surface cleaner, yellow soap, gel, perfumed liquid bleach, powder detergent matic, lime preventive, raina aroma therapy, cevher shampoo, garden life, semen, primex aroma therapy
Washing agents, stain removing agents and softeners, textile auxiliary chemicals
Laundry detergents, liquid and gel dishwashing detergents, general purpose cleaners and industrial cleaning materials,
Washing powder for washing machines, washing powder for dish washers, salt for dish washers, rinsing liquid for dish washers, liquid detergents for hand washing, fabric softeners, bleaching powders for washing machines, washing liquid for industrial
Mooncid TOTAL, Mooncid SPREY, Mooncid DOORMAT
Printing ink for flexo machines, Printing ink for rotogravure machines, Lamination inks, Overprint inks, Thermolacquers, Primer Lacquers, Varnish