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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Turkish Chemical Manufacturers 02

Chafing Fuel, Ethanol, Base Perfume
Low and high sud laundry detergents, dishwashind liquid and gel detergens, kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners, window cleaners, wool shampoos, fabric softners, powder scourers and bleachs, ALFA, TEK
Automatic dishwashing machines, detergents and rinsers, powder detergents for washing, machines, wool shampoos, bleaching powders, furniture, cleansers and other cleaning materials,
paint brushes, paint rollers, construction hardware
Powder detergents, dishwashing liquids, bleaches, glass cleaners, scrubbing powders and creams, liquid hand soaps, fabric softaners, general house cleanes and carpet shampoos, MIO
air freshener, bath wc cleaner, chrome dustbin, cleaning products producers, colourful-wet-white mop, dishwashing brush, drain opener, fabric parfume, garbage container, glass plush, industrial dustpan, kinds of woorking gloves, kitchen sponge, microfiber wet cloth, plastic dustbin, sink brush, stain remover, stain remover manufacturers from turkey, surface cleaning machine, toilet paper and apparatus, towel paper machine, turkish microfiber mop manufacturers, wood cleaner, working gloves
auto care products, oil service products, industrial chemicals, military chemicals, chemicals, car care products, car interior care products, car external care products, car interior cleaning products, car external cleaning products, upholstery cleaners, windshield cleaners, polisher and protective gel, condationer wax, quick wax, antifog, defroster, windshield washer, windshield washer climax, protective gel, car wax, rim cleaners, engine protectors, auto shampoo, car gel shampoo, chafer
acetic acid, ascorbic acid, beta carotene, boron ethanolamine, calcium chloride, calcium lactate, copper ammonium sulphate, copper gluconate, copper hydroxide, edta, edta group, ferrous lactate, guar gam, lactate group, lecithin, magnesium acetate, manganese gluconate, naphthalenic acetic acid, phosphite group, potassium gluconate, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoat, tartarate group, zinc acetate, zinc lactate
dishes,gel detergent, liquid bleach, softener, powder detergent, soda matic, rust remover, matic detergent, grease remover, rust remover, hydroclaric acid, oxi remove the stain, drain opener, liquid hand cleaner,cream detergent, glass cleaner, mechanical cleaner, surface cleaner, yellow soap, gel, perfumed liquid bleach, powder detergent matic, lime preventive, raina aroma therapy, cevher shampoo, garden life, semen, primex aroma therapy